Quick weight loss tips for fast results.

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If you are to heavy, doing pull ups and dips becomes more difficult than it is. So here are some quick weight loss tips to lose some weight. These tips are easy to do if you follow them strict otherwise it won’t do a thing for you.


Tip 1# Eat the same foods almost everyday.

I know, it’s sounds very boring but it is not as bad as you’re thinking. Almost every lean person i know of including bodybuilders, fitness models and youtubers. Eat the same kind of foods for a long periods of time.

The reason of this is because we enjoy those foods and almost never get bored of them. And we don’t spend a lot of time making the food ready to eat and cleaning al the dishes.

That’s why i Always recommend people to start dieting this way even if they are tracking there calories because they are learning to fit their diet into their lifestyle, and not the other way around.

So choose 3 or 5 lean protein sources that you like and 2 or 3 sources of starchy carbs and make those the base of your diet. On top of this, you will include a large variery of diffrent veggies every day of the week, and one or three fruits.

Here is a list of foods you can eat for example:


Protein sources: 

  • steak                                                                    weight loss
  • chicken breast
  • eggs
  • beans


  • sweet potatoes
  • brown rice
  • whole weat bread
  • spaghetti

Fats: quick weight loss tips

  • avocado
  • walnuts
  • fatty fish
  • sunflower oil


  • all kinds of veggies
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • spinach

By eatinng these kinds of foods, most people will reach the fullness at a lower calorie intake. What would feel like feel like maintance in terms of food quantity would actually be a caloric deficit. That is the key to make this work.



Tip 2# Eat protein and veggies in every meal.

So the second thing you can do is maxumize satiety and therefore indirectly reduce the calorie intake. Eat 40 to 70 gram of protein and a serving of veggies in every meal.

protein is the most satiating nutrient and veggies are very filling and low in calories. This makes them great for a satisfied feeling.lose weight

This can work so well that you may actually reduce your carbs and fats to much. That is not ideal either. Fats and carbs are very importent for testosterone health, mood and performance in the gym.

To ensure enough carb intake: Eat just as many carbs  as protein in each meal.

To ensuer enough fat intake: Eat in one of your protein meals a higher source of fat like (cheese or advocado.

Another trick you can use to avoid overeating is making one of your meals very boring. So for example if i only have 400 calories left for dinner and pretty hungry. Then you could have a simple meal like steak with broccoli.

This meal is so boring and tasteless that 400 calories will be more than enough. To keep you satisfied.


Tip 3# eyeball your food.

When you eat the same foods everyday, it becomes easier to guess how much calories your eating in a day.This takes a little bit of practice but when you master this skill you whill have great benefits from it.

until you master this skill, here is a easy guide to get started:

  • one cup of cooked rice: 50 grams of carbs= 80kcal
  • one egg: 6 grams fat, 6 grams protein= 109kcal
  • potatoes size of a fist: 40 grams of carbs= 182kcal
  • one table spoon: of oil 5-10 grams of far= 45kcal
  • one egg white: 4 grams of protein= 16kcal
  • one medium slice of bread: 15 to 20 grams of carbs= 77kcal
  • cooked meat (chicken fish, pork beef) the size of your fist: 25 grams of protein= 135kcal

Tip 4# use intermittent Fasting.

I recommend skipping breakfast. I already know what people are going to say “Skipping breakfast? Why would you to that?”

There is really no good reason to eat breakfast. By pushing your first meal later into the day you force your body to burn fat for fuel, you elevate growth hormone and you

increase insulin sensitivity in the muscles. This creates the perfect storm for building muscle and burning fat.

As long as you limit the daily fast to 16­‐18 hours there will be no muscle catabolism during the fast. When you do eat, fasting

after an extended fast, the anabolic effects of that meal will be much

greater. This is due to improvements in your muscles insulin sensitivity.

This leads to greater nutrition partitioning into your muscles stores. I have found that by skipping

breakfast I have had a much easier time building muscle while  maintaining leanness. That said it is essential that you  provide your body with

the right amount of nutrition during the feasting window. If you are incapable  getting in the appropriate amount of calories in 2-­ 3 large meals then fasting is probably not for you.

If you wish to perform the strength training before your first meal then I strongly recommend taking 10 grams of BCAA before training.

Pre workout protein is highly beneficial at increasing protein synthesis and preventing  protein  breakdown.  Therefore  it   makes  sense  to provide your body with 10g of BCAA before training.

Example  Meal  Schedule.

  • Wake up – 8am
  • Meal 1 – 2pm (protein  salad or 2% Greek Yogurt and almonds) total of 500kcal
  • Workout – 5:00pm
  • Meal 2 – 6:30pm (animal  protein  and  rice,  potatoes or yams) total of 1500kcal

Tip 5# buy and cook only as much food as you intend to eat.

“it is easier to change your environment to work for you, than it is to use will power”

-Dr brain Wansink-

I´ve recently read the book Mindless Eating by Dr brain Wansink and it made me realize how much we are influenced by our environment when deciding how much or what we are going to eat.

Brain and his colleagues conducted over 100 studies looking at people`s eating habit. Their purpose was to discover what makes people overate and what they can do to eat less conscious thought.

They found amazing stuff!

The discovery i thought was the most interesting is that people always eat more of any food if they have a larger quantity. They tested this in many, many ways and it was always true.

For example during a movie the people who were given larger bags of popcorn always ate more than the group with the smaller bags. They repeated the experiment with M&M as well.

They also tested this at a buffet and discovered that the calorie intake of each person increased linearly with the number of foods on the table.


So what can we learn of this research? I believe there are two lessons here: 

  1. Don’t cook more tasty food than you intend to eat.

The reason of this is obvious: If you have more of it, you’ll proberly serve yourself more than planned or you’ll eat a few extra bites afterwards. And even if you do resist and eat only as much as you need, it will still create mental stress.

because you’ll constantly think about food. This happened to me when making a pizza. I said i was going to make a large pizza and only eat two slices that evening. Yeah right…i failed to stop after two slices.

If you know you tend to go back for a second or thirds when eating tasty food, Then i’d recommend you only cook as much food as you need


2.  When eating sweets, buy only as much as you intend to eat (Don’t bring snacks inside  the house)

research showed that people who regularly keep snacks inside the kitchen weigh on a average 5-10 pounds more than those who don’t. This is because the easier it is for us to get some tasty snacks, the more difficult it is to resist.

This was the reason companies have developed ice-cream freezers that have no lid. People buy more because there is one less barrier to crabbing, buying and eating ice-cream. Ans one less barrier to keep us from taking to decide whether we really want ice-cream or not.

So the harder it is to get a snack, the less likely we are to do it. You should not leave food out where you can easily take it because you will. I’ve learned this lesson on my myself before i read mindless eating.

I realized that i Always ate to much ice cream if i bought a big box and put it in the fridge. Now when i want ice-cream i go to the store and buy just one cone the amount i need.


tip 6# eat from smaller plates.

weight loss








This is another cool tip from Mindless Eating. The same quantity  of food looks different on two plates of different sizes

”If you spoon ounces of mashed potatoes into a 12-inch plate, it will look like a lot less than if you had spooned it into a 8-inch plate”

Now the interesting fact is that research shows the same quantity of food is more filling when it looks like more.

”If you take a medium size burger hamburger and serve it to a person on a saucer, they estimate it as having 18 procent more calories than if you serve it to them on a normal size plate”

The feeling of satiety is also influenced by how many calories we think we’ve eaten. In another study two groups of people were served the same 300kcal meal but one group was told it had 450kcal and the other was told it had 150kcal. The people who tought they ate 450kcal reported a much higher feeling of satiety than the other group.

After i read that i realized how easy it is to fool ourselves into thinking we’re eating more than we do.




Check out how different two similar size apples look on them. I must say it sure feels like i ate a lot more when i use the smaller plate instead of the big one.


Tip 7# Eat slower.

We al know that eating slowly reduces the amount of calories we eat and increase the feeling satiety.

But most of us don’t do it because it sucks to consciously restrian ourselves for eating big bites. There is one solution for this though: use smaller spoons forks.

This way you’ll be forced to eat slower and you’ll feel more satisfied at the end of the meal.

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