Pull up workout for beginners – Want to have a V-shaped torso?

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 Are you wondering whether a pull up bar would be a good piece of exercise equipment?

This page will explain how to do a pull up and the benefits of this exercise and more!


A pull up is an exercise that works a large number of your neck, shoulder and back muscles all at the same time.

The exercise is performed by grasping a bar and pulling yourself upwards. This exercise is also called a chin up because you try to get your chin up over the bar. You start by having your hands grasping the bar and your body hanging straight.pullup

Then you pull yourself upwards until your chest is almost touching the bar and your chin is higher than the bar.

You have to focus on keeping your body straight when doing this type of exercise. The main thing is to keep your feet off the floor, but you can bend your knees or cross your legs.





There are many variations of this exercise. You can use the

  • wide grip position with your arms extended about twice the width of your shoulders. This variation helps you to emphasize your lats.
  • You can use the close grip variation where your hands are only 6 8 inches apart on the bar to work on the lower lats. pull up bar workouts

-Whatever exercise you choose to do in chin ups, the resistance is provided by your body.

-You should combine pull ups with other strength training exercises such as push ups or a bench press.


Home pull up bar.

A pull up bar is a very inexpensive piece of exercise equipment. You can place it anywhere you want in your home or exercise room and use it as part of your regular exercise routine.

Strength training for the muscles of your back and neck help you in your daily life as there

are many occasions when you have to life something and dont have the strength required. Toning your back and neck muscles also helps to keep your body straight as you get older.

Get Bigger Biceps With Reverse Pull-Ups.

Let’s be honest, pretty much all guys that lift weights want bigger biceps. There’s no rhyme or reason to this desire either, the biceps don’t do much in our everyday activities except look good.

An often overlooked exercise to target the biceps is called the reverse pull-up (also known as the reverse chin-up). Before we get too far ahead, let’s take a quick look at what makes up the bicep muscle group.

When exercising the biceps, there are two main aspects to consider:

  1. the outer bicep
  2. and the inner bicep.

The outer bicep is furthest from the body or along the outside of the arm while the inner bicep is closest to the body along the inside of the arm.

The two remaining muscles in the bicep muscle group: 

  • are the brachialis
  • and the coracobrachialis, which lie beneath and outside the main bicep heads.

So what makes this exercise so effective? Well, most bicep exercises out there let the wrists bend or move because they are performed with dumbbells or a barbell. What makes the

reverse pull-up so great is that you grab a bar in a fixed location. This lends itself to equal amounts of work performed by each head of the biceps brachii.

You’ll see it all the time at the gym with guys working out, moving their elbows wildly while lifting or their wrists are curled over; reducing focus on the bicep. Any break in form results in less effectiveness of the exercise.

Doing the exercise is easy, just grab an overhead bar with a supinated (palms facing you) grip. Hang from the bar, and lift yourself up as high as you can go.

It’s recommended to hold the peak moment to truly blast the biceps. Just remember to never let your feet touch the floor until the set is complete.

One of the best things about this exercise is that you need no special equipment or machine to do it. This can also be considered a negative to them as well.

Since they only use your body weight, you can never go beyond how much you weigh for each lift. A solution to this is the use of a dip belt that can wrap around the waist that allows weight plates to be threaded through for additional resistance.

Further pros of reverse pull-ups:

This exercise is good for people with back problems as there is little to no spinal compression due to the hanging nature of the exercise.Aside from working the biceps, they also target the lats. If you tuck your knees or extend your legs, you can also target the

abs.The forearms are also critical while performing this exercise. Both the extensors and flexors are used due to the overhead grip.

If you’re ready to start sculpting your biceps to perfection, try the reverse pull-up. Give it a go two times a week over the next two months and see the difference they can make.


reverse pull up


Push-Ups and Pull-Ups – The Supreme Upper Body Combo.

The supreme combo of upper body workouts is combining push-ups with pull-ups. Our upper bodies consist of our:

  • pectoral muscles (chest),
  • back (upper, middle, and lower),
  • and the arms (biceps and triceps).
  • In addition to those body parts, you can include the neck, trapezoids, forearms, etc.

There are many movements you can do that can develop your upper body. Now, this will benefit both men and women. My girlfriend started implementing doing full movements of both these exercises into her exercise routine.

She feels her physical fitness level will approach a higher level- which is what all of us want. Add variations of these exercise movements, and you will take your upper body fitness level to its pinnacle of achievement.dip belt with chain

Everyone knows how to do a push-up. The great thing about this exercise is that it can be done in different ways,




and you do not need any additional equipment (but it would be nice to have those push-up bars or use dumbbells to get a better dip on the push-up).

The standard push-up (with your hands at normal shoulder width apart and your back straight and only your hands and feet touching the ground) is a great foundational place to start



Now, if this is too difficult, then place both your knees on the ground. But, build yourself up when you can do the standard push-up. Later, you can be creative with push-ups: decline, military, wide-grip, one-armed, clapping, and (my favorite) the plyrometric.push ups

At first, pull-ups can be a tortuous exercise. But, I believe it to be the single best upper body exercise.

Work yourself up to do full movement and then multiple repetitions of this exercise.

If you want to get good with this exercise, you will need those portable exercise bars that can be easily placed in most doorways.


It does not cost much, and it will give you a great return on push upyour investment especially a great return on your physical fitness level.

Use a chair or bench to assist you. No one will know especially when you are doing this exercise movement in the privacy of your home.


Later, use those parallel bars (these are those bars that are perpendicular to the exercise apparatus). Then. do chin-ups (palms facing you). Then, do the pull-ups (palms facing away from you). You can be creative after mastering the pull-up.

Now, you are ready to combine these two fantastic upper body exercises. Do a set of push-ups then do pull-ups. This is called supersetting. If possible, do 25 push-ups then do 10 pull-ups (use the chair if necessary). This is one set. Try to build yourself up to do 4-5 sets of these push-ups and pull-ups. This is the supreme combo of upper body workouts.

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