What defines the perfect male body according to research.

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The perfect shaped body.

This is a question artists have been asking for 1000 of years. If you were a sculptor or painter and you could create the perfect male body, how would you make him look like in real life?perfect male

I read a book recently called The Adonis Index and the author has come up with an important answer to my question.

He spent several years researching what type of male body is considered most


attractive and what he discovered made a lot of sense to me:

the proportions of the body were much more important than the size or lenght. If a men thinks of why you find a woman attractive. It’s certainly not because of her lenght i assure you, there are short and tall girls who all look very attractive.

It’s not because of her weight either as you’ll see very beautiful skinny girls and curvy girls. The proportions are what makes the difference. Here is what the author found in his research.



For a woman.

the most importent proportion The perfect woman bodyfor attraction seems to be the ratio between the waist and hips.

This gives them the famous hourglass shape that men love. This can only be achieved by keeping the waist small.

And by building muscle in the legs. Like the glutes and hamstrings.






For men.

For men, the most important proportion is that between the shoulders and waist. A near universal sexually attractive feature of a man is a
V shaped torso, a relatively narrow waist offset with broad shoulders.perfect male body

This can only be achieved by training the back muscles properly especially the lats.

But the shoulders and upper chest as well, to get that aesthetic physique.







Studie research on the ideal physique.

In several studies on physical attraction, women reported that
the most attractive male physique was one with a slim waist, broad
shoulders and muscular chest.

What the researchers found was that the absolute size of the shoulders, chest or waist did not matter as long as certain ratios were there. The ratios that got the highest score for physical attraction were:

  • Waist  43-47% of height
  • Chest 10-12 inch (25-30cm) greater than the waist
  • Shoulders waist x 1.6
  • Arms identical size of the neck circumferencesixpack



For example a 6’2 man would ideally have a 31.5 inch waist, 52 inch shoulders, 43.5 inch chest, and 16 inch arms. For metric system: 188cm height, 81cm waist, 131cm shoulders, 110cm chest,

40cm arms. According to the theory, the closer a man comes to these proportions, the more attractive he becomes.

For this ratio or one close to it as possible, a man has to be at a low bodyfat percentage so his waist looks slimmer. And have great muscle development so his shoulders and back looks wider. Here are a few examples.

Best physique for men


What is needed to achieve this.

So two ingredients are necessary to get a body like the ones above:

Ingrediënt one

The waist circumference of the guys above is probably 43-45% of their height.

ingrediënt two

To get broad shoulders and a wide back a man has to gain a good amount of muscle mass.

                                     put them together..

By combining these three two ingrediënts you will get the perfect male body my friend.


What you need to do.


The first priority is setting your diet correctly. If you are fat you must eat fewer calories than your body requires over the period of the day consistently.

If you are skinny, you must take more calories than your body is used to. So you can  gain more muscle mass.diet for weight loss

Also, in order to support muscle growth, hormonal balance, and gym

performance you have to take in the right quantity of macronutrients, fat protein and carbs.



protocol With a caloric deficit is about 20 30%. You will be able to lose 2 or 3 pounds (0.9

1.4kg) of fat per week at the beginning phase of the dieting  and then about 1 1.5 lbs (0.4 0.7kg) per week.

This provides you to make strength gains in the gym, muscle growth will occur during this time but your weight will still go down fast.


Gaining muscle while losing fat comes down to making strength gains on a few importent key movements. What’s great about the beginner stage is that strength will go up consistent even while cutting.

For complete newbies I recommend following a higher frequency routine
focused on progressive overload with just a handful of compound movements.perfect male body

A full body workout three times a week or an A/B split three times a week

allow beginners to practice form a lot and get through the initial neural adaptations quicker.



In the beginning the vast majority of the initial gains one makes in strength are neurological in nature so it makes sense to want to get

passed this stage as quickly as possible and get to the point where muscle fibers have to increase in size to contribute to strength.

And you will get a step closer to get that perfect male body.


Free workout schedule (BONUS).


If you don’t have a training schedule. Here is one for free that you can use, it is just as effective as one you would pay for. Try this workout out and see the results for your self 😉

Workout A                                                                         

                                 sets                 reps                                                                      

Weighted pull up:  3                      4-6

bench press:           3                     4-6

barbell row:            3                      6-8

romian deadlifts:   2                      6-10

tricep extension:   3                      6-10


Workout B                              

                                  sets                        reps

militair press:         3                              4-6

barbell squat:        3                               4-6

weighted dips:      3                               6-8

deadlift:                 2                               6-10

barbell curl:          3                               6-10








In this schedule you have A and a B workout for example. The first week you start with workout A on Monday and on Wednesday workout B on Friday workout A again. The next week you alternate it (B, A, B).


Frequently asked questions about the workout schedule.


How many times should i workout ?

i recommend 3 times per week if you are just a newbie. More then 4 times a week is over kill en not necessary.


i can’t do pull ups or dips because i am to heavy ?

i recommend that you use resistants bands to do pull ups, or just use the machines if you have one available in your gym.

On the meantime you can lose weight, if you don’t know how to do that. Read my new artical about losing that belly fat.


I don’t know how to performe the exercises.

On YouTube there are plenty enough  tortorial video’s.


I don’t have dip belt.

if you don’t have a dip belt, you can buy the one i recommend. Read my full review on the kinobody dip belt to get that perfect male body by clicking here ==►KinoBody dip belt review.







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