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All you need to know about dips.

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Many people ignore the dips bars installed in the gym and do not give them the same relevance as other equipment. However, the potential benefits of dips should never be underestimated especially for those who want to develop their upper body mass and strength.

They also offer perfect opportunity to mix up top-body workout instead of just relying of weights, dumbbells and pushups. Just like other gym equipment, there are various variations you can learn and complete with dips.

You can maneuver weighted dips, use a dip belt or simply perform a couple of dips exercise to target specific muscles.


What does it look like?

Dips are simply horizontal poles protruding/extending from a solid wall much like pull-up bars, only that they are installed to reach your mid-abs section rather than on top.

Using dips bars involves pulling your lower body up and down using your upper body in a dip as opposed to pulling up on a pull-up bar. While old school, dips are very effective and can even be brutal since they only use up your upper body energy.

What muscles do dips target?

Dips essentially target the upper body, particularly the chest, biceps and triceps. You can also use dips to strengthen your shoulders and torso. There are many variations of dips and each ofdips them emphasizes more on given muscles than others.

Nevertheless, they all work towards improving your upper body muscles including the back of your shoulders.





What variations can you do?

For beginners, dips usually start with the body weight where you lift your own weight up and down to build stronger arms and chest. However, you will soon outgrow your body’s weight and push to advanced levels and maneuvers. Popular variations include;


  • Weighted dips:
    Like the name suggests, this involves adding weights to your legs to increase the strain your arm goes through when lifting and “dipping.” This can be done by holding dumbbells between your legs or wearing weight backpacks.


  • Using a dip belt:
    Another popular way to lift weighted dips is through using a dip belt to add weight to your body. You can find weight belt for dips from any gym store or order one online.


  • Bench dips:
    The conventional dips exercise entails pulling your weight (or belted weights) using your arms only with your legs hanging as part of the weight being pulled. Bench dips on the other hand allows you to support your legs. The position focuses on triceps and shoulder muscles as you face up with your arms pulling the weight and your legs resting on a bench, the same level as your hands.


  • Parallel, straight and ring bar dips:
    Parallel dips are at the basic level and involve two bars running parallel with you in the middle lifting your entire weight up and down. Straight bar dips use only one bar with you facing either direction as you attempt to maintain stability while lifting your body up and down. Ring bars take dips to another level and require advanced trainees to accomplish.

There are other variations you can pick up from professionals, but these are the popular ones used in building chest and arm muscles.


When to add weights to dips.

While it is common for most beginners to progress into adding weights to their dips, there is no specific rule that has this requirement. It is simply something you do if you want. Moreover, there is always the opportunity to do more reps and push yourself to the limit using your own weighted dipbodyweight.

However, lifting weighted dips can have quick benefits just like progressing to heavier deadlifts. As a rule of thumb,

you should be ready to start adding weights to your dips once you can effortlessly perform 12-15 weightless dip reps. This will push you to the next level and help your muscles grow bigger and stronger.


It is advisable to incorporate some dips into your regular workout program as it has several benefits and can become a perfect alternative you throw into the mix. Dips exercise can become compound and intensive especially when needed to target particular muscles.

The workout generally builds shoulders, biceps, triceps and upper torso. Professionals however know how to tweak their positions and achieve incredible results in strengthening the abdomen and back muscles.

If you are just starting out, make sure to pick some skills and techniques from a professional trainer to avoid accidents and muscle injury.


What you need to do to get lean.

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Your first priority should be setting your calorie and macronutrient intake get leancorrectly. This will ensure steady fat loss without compromising recovery, workout performance, or hormonal balance.

Food choices and nutrient timing don’t really matter for body composition but they are very important for health, satiety and consistency.

A caloric deficit of about 25% would be the maximum recommended for most people in this category. If you try to cut calories more than this,

strength and muscle loss will likely occur. See the table below for the maximum recommended fat loss per week depending on body fat percentage:


Body fat%                              Maximum recommended fat loss per week

20-30                                        2 lbs. / 0.9kg

15-20                                        1-1.5 lbs. / 0.45-0.7kg

10-15                                        1-1.2 lbs. / 0.45-0.6kg


Provided you make strength gains in the gym, muscle growth can still occur during this time but your weight will decrease substantially.


Relative strength is the best indicator of muscle retention or muscle gain on a diet. While in a caloric deficit the main goal of an advanced or intermediate lifter is to maintain strength on the main compound lifts (beginners can make gains of course).

If relative strength is going down while cutting, chances are they’re losing a bit of muscle. According to Lyle McDonald, when the goal is muscle retention the total
workout volume can be reduced by 2/3rds as long as the intensity stays the lean body

Put another way, you could maintain volume and frequency at the same level but if you cut intensity, you will lose the adaptation.

Now that doesn’t mean we should
reduce volume by 2/3rds, it’s just good to know that we can.


An energy deficit is also a recovery deficit so if we’re losing strength
on a cut, changing to a lower volume routine may be beneficial.

So here’s a low-volume routine you could do while leaning down for free:

Workout A – Back and Shoulders, arms

  • weighted chin ups: 4-6, 6-8, 8-10      (reverse pyramid sets)
  • militair press: 4-6, 6-8, 8-10               (reverse pyramid sets)
  • barbell row: 6-8, 8-10,                        (reverse pyramid sets)   
  • Arnold press: 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps
  • incline dumbbell curl: 3 reps of 6 to 10 reps

Workout B – Chest and Legs, arms

  • bench press: 4-6, 6-8, 8-10              (reverse pyramid sets)
  • front squats: 4-6, 6-8, 8-10              (reverse pyramid sets)
  • Romanian deadlift: 6-8, 8-10          (reverse pyramid sets)
  • incline dumbbell press: 3 sets 6 to 10 reps
  • hammer curls: 3 sets  6 to 10 reps


When you reach the top of the reps increase the weight.


With reverse pyramid training you’re going to perform your haviest set first
when you’re completely fresh and then pyramid down to a lighter weight usually with more reps,

for the latter sets. What makes RPT particularly suitable for a cut is the very low
volume needed to produce results. Click here to learn how to implement it.

For Straight Sets when you hit the required reps for all sets, increase the
weight on all sets the following workout. This will probably cause you to lose
1 or 2 reps in the last 2 sets.

That’s normal and the goal for the following workout is to add back the reps in those last sets so you can increase the weight again. Rest a full three minutes in between sets for the compound movements.

Rest 60-90 seconds for the assistance exercises. Stop one rep before failure. Failure in this context is when you cannot lift the weight for one more rep without help and without severely compromising form.

Reaching base level.

Once you reach 10-12% body fat (your waist is 45-47% of your height)
it’s time to choose which type of physique you’re going after.

(The time it will take a person to reach the Base Level depends mainly on how
much fat they have to lose.)

If want to know more about the ideal male body than go to this ==►/perfect-male-body/



Pull up workout for beginners – Want to have a V-shaped torso?

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 Are you wondering whether a pull up bar would be a good piece of exercise equipment?

This page will explain how to do a pull up and the benefits of this exercise and more!


A pull up is an exercise that works a large number of your neck, shoulder and back muscles all at the same time.

The exercise is performed by grasping a bar and pulling yourself upwards. This exercise is also called a chin up because you try to get your chin up over the bar. You start by having your hands grasping the bar and your body hanging straight.pullup

Then you pull yourself upwards until your chest is almost touching the bar and your chin is higher than the bar.

You have to focus on keeping your body straight when doing this type of exercise. The main thing is to keep your feet off the floor, but you can bend your knees or cross your legs.





There are many variations of this exercise. You can use the

  • wide grip position with your arms extended about twice the width of your shoulders. This variation helps you to emphasize your lats.
  • You can use the close grip variation where your hands are only 6 8 inches apart on the bar to work on the lower lats. pull up bar workouts

-Whatever exercise you choose to do in chin ups, the resistance is provided by your body.

-You should combine pull ups with other strength training exercises such as push ups or a bench press.


Home pull up bar.

A pull up bar is a very inexpensive piece of exercise equipment. You can place it anywhere you want in your home or exercise room and use it as part of your regular exercise routine.

Strength training for the muscles of your back and neck help you in your daily life as there

are many occasions when you have to life something and dont have the strength required. Toning your back and neck muscles also helps to keep your body straight as you get older.

Get Bigger Biceps With Reverse Pull-Ups.

Let’s be honest, pretty much all guys that lift weights want bigger biceps. There’s no rhyme or reason to this desire either, the biceps don’t do much in our everyday activities except look good.

An often overlooked exercise to target the biceps is called the reverse pull-up (also known as the reverse chin-up). Before we get too far ahead, let’s take a quick look at what makes up the bicep muscle group.

When exercising the biceps, there are two main aspects to consider:

  1. the outer bicep
  2. and the inner bicep.

The outer bicep is furthest from the body or along the outside of the arm while the inner bicep is closest to the body along the inside of the arm.

The two remaining muscles in the bicep muscle group: 

  • are the brachialis
  • and the coracobrachialis, which lie beneath and outside the main bicep heads.

So what makes this exercise so effective? Well, most bicep exercises out there let the wrists bend or move because they are performed with dumbbells or a barbell. What makes the

reverse pull-up so great is that you grab a bar in a fixed location. This lends itself to equal amounts of work performed by each head of the biceps brachii.

You’ll see it all the time at the gym with guys working out, moving their elbows wildly while lifting or their wrists are curled over; reducing focus on the bicep. Any break in form results in less effectiveness of the exercise.

Doing the exercise is easy, just grab an overhead bar with a supinated (palms facing you) grip. Hang from the bar, and lift yourself up as high as you can go.

It’s recommended to hold the peak moment to truly blast the biceps. Just remember to never let your feet touch the floor until the set is complete.

One of the best things about this exercise is that you need no special equipment or machine to do it. This can also be considered a negative to them as well.

Since they only use your body weight, you can never go beyond how much you weigh for each lift. A solution to this is the use of a dip belt that can wrap around the waist that allows weight plates to be threaded through for additional resistance.

Further pros of reverse pull-ups:

This exercise is good for people with back problems as there is little to no spinal compression due to the hanging nature of the exercise.Aside from working the biceps, they also target the lats. If you tuck your knees or extend your legs, you can also target the

abs.The forearms are also critical while performing this exercise. Both the extensors and flexors are used due to the overhead grip.

If you’re ready to start sculpting your biceps to perfection, try the reverse pull-up. Give it a go two times a week over the next two months and see the difference they can make.


reverse pull up


Push-Ups and Pull-Ups – The Supreme Upper Body Combo.

The supreme combo of upper body workouts is combining push-ups with pull-ups. Our upper bodies consist of our:

  • pectoral muscles (chest),
  • back (upper, middle, and lower),
  • and the arms (biceps and triceps).
  • In addition to those body parts, you can include the neck, trapezoids, forearms, etc.

There are many movements you can do that can develop your upper body. Now, this will benefit both men and women. My girlfriend started implementing doing full movements of both these exercises into her exercise routine.

She feels her physical fitness level will approach a higher level- which is what all of us want. Add variations of these exercise movements, and you will take your upper body fitness level to its pinnacle of achievement.dip belt with chain

Everyone knows how to do a push-up. The great thing about this exercise is that it can be done in different ways,




and you do not need any additional equipment (but it would be nice to have those push-up bars or use dumbbells to get a better dip on the push-up).

The standard push-up (with your hands at normal shoulder width apart and your back straight and only your hands and feet touching the ground) is a great foundational place to start



Now, if this is too difficult, then place both your knees on the ground. But, build yourself up when you can do the standard push-up. Later, you can be creative with push-ups: decline, military, wide-grip, one-armed, clapping, and (my favorite) the plyrometric.push ups

At first, pull-ups can be a tortuous exercise. But, I believe it to be the single best upper body exercise.

Work yourself up to do full movement and then multiple repetitions of this exercise.

If you want to get good with this exercise, you will need those portable exercise bars that can be easily placed in most doorways.


It does not cost much, and it will give you a great return on push upyour investment especially a great return on your physical fitness level.

Use a chair or bench to assist you. No one will know especially when you are doing this exercise movement in the privacy of your home.


Later, use those parallel bars (these are those bars that are perpendicular to the exercise apparatus). Then. do chin-ups (palms facing you). Then, do the pull-ups (palms facing away from you). You can be creative after mastering the pull-up.

Now, you are ready to combine these two fantastic upper body exercises. Do a set of push-ups then do pull-ups. This is called supersetting. If possible, do 25 push-ups then do 10 pull-ups (use the chair if necessary). This is one set. Try to build yourself up to do 4-5 sets of these push-ups and pull-ups. This is the supreme combo of upper body workouts.

Gym gear needed?

If you are looking for a good piece of gym gear to bring your lifts to the next level. than checkout my review on the Kinobody dip belt.

==► Kinobody dip belt review




Quick weight loss tips for fast results.

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If you are to heavy, doing pull ups and dips becomes more difficult than it is. So here are some quick weight loss tips to lose some weight. These tips are easy to do if you follow them strict otherwise it won’t do a thing for you.


Tip 1# Eat the same foods almost everyday.

I know, it’s sounds very boring but it is not as bad as you’re thinking. Almost every lean person i know of including bodybuilders, fitness models and youtubers. Eat the same kind of foods for a long periods of time.

The reason of this is because we enjoy those foods and almost never get bored of them. And we don’t spend a lot of time making the food ready to eat and cleaning al the dishes.

That’s why i Always recommend people to start dieting this way even if they are tracking there calories because they are learning to fit their diet into their lifestyle, and not the other way around.

So choose 3 or 5 lean protein sources that you like and 2 or 3 sources of starchy carbs and make those the base of your diet. On top of this, you will include a large variery of diffrent veggies every day of the week, and one or three fruits.

Here is a list of foods you can eat for example:


Protein sources: 

  • steak                                                                    weight loss
  • chicken breast
  • eggs
  • beans


  • sweet potatoes
  • brown rice
  • whole weat bread
  • spaghetti

Fats: quick weight loss tips

  • avocado
  • walnuts
  • fatty fish
  • sunflower oil


  • all kinds of veggies
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • spinach

By eatinng these kinds of foods, most people will reach the fullness at a lower calorie intake. What would feel like feel like maintance in terms of food quantity would actually be a caloric deficit. That is the key to make this work.



Tip 2# Eat protein and veggies in every meal.

So the second thing you can do is maxumize satiety and therefore indirectly reduce the calorie intake. Eat 40 to 70 gram of protein and a serving of veggies in every meal.

protein is the most satiating nutrient and veggies are very filling and low in calories. This makes them great for a satisfied feeling.lose weight

This can work so well that you may actually reduce your carbs and fats to much. That is not ideal either. Fats and carbs are very importent for testosterone health, mood and performance in the gym.

To ensure enough carb intake: Eat just as many carbs  as protein in each meal.

To ensuer enough fat intake: Eat in one of your protein meals a higher source of fat like (cheese or advocado.

Another trick you can use to avoid overeating is making one of your meals very boring. So for example if i only have 400 calories left for dinner and pretty hungry. Then you could have a simple meal like steak with broccoli.

This meal is so boring and tasteless that 400 calories will be more than enough. To keep you satisfied.


Tip 3# eyeball your food.

When you eat the same foods everyday, it becomes easier to guess how much calories your eating in a day.This takes a little bit of practice but when you master this skill you whill have great benefits from it.

until you master this skill, here is a easy guide to get started:

  • one cup of cooked rice: 50 grams of carbs= 80kcal
  • one egg: 6 grams fat, 6 grams protein= 109kcal
  • potatoes size of a fist: 40 grams of carbs= 182kcal
  • one table spoon: of oil 5-10 grams of far= 45kcal
  • one egg white: 4 grams of protein= 16kcal
  • one medium slice of bread: 15 to 20 grams of carbs= 77kcal
  • cooked meat (chicken fish, pork beef) the size of your fist: 25 grams of protein= 135kcal

Tip 4# use intermittent Fasting.

I recommend skipping breakfast. I already know what people are going to say “Skipping breakfast? Why would you to that?”

There is really no good reason to eat breakfast. By pushing your first meal later into the day you force your body to burn fat for fuel, you elevate growth hormone and you

increase insulin sensitivity in the muscles. This creates the perfect storm for building muscle and burning fat.

As long as you limit the daily fast to 16­‐18 hours there will be no muscle catabolism during the fast. When you do eat, fasting

after an extended fast, the anabolic effects of that meal will be much

greater. This is due to improvements in your muscles insulin sensitivity.

This leads to greater nutrition partitioning into your muscles stores. I have found that by skipping

breakfast I have had a much easier time building muscle while  maintaining leanness. That said it is essential that you  provide your body with

the right amount of nutrition during the feasting window. If you are incapable  getting in the appropriate amount of calories in 2-­ 3 large meals then fasting is probably not for you.

If you wish to perform the strength training before your first meal then I strongly recommend taking 10 grams of BCAA before training.

Pre workout protein is highly beneficial at increasing protein synthesis and preventing  protein  breakdown.  Therefore  it   makes  sense  to provide your body with 10g of BCAA before training.

Example  Meal  Schedule.

  • Wake up – 8am
  • Meal 1 – 2pm (protein  salad or 2% Greek Yogurt and almonds) total of 500kcal
  • Workout – 5:00pm
  • Meal 2 – 6:30pm (animal  protein  and  rice,  potatoes or yams) total of 1500kcal

Tip 5# buy and cook only as much food as you intend to eat.

“it is easier to change your environment to work for you, than it is to use will power”

-Dr brain Wansink-

I´ve recently read the book Mindless Eating by Dr brain Wansink and it made me realize how much we are influenced by our environment when deciding how much or what we are going to eat.

Brain and his colleagues conducted over 100 studies looking at people`s eating habit. Their purpose was to discover what makes people overate and what they can do to eat less conscious thought.

They found amazing stuff!

The discovery i thought was the most interesting is that people always eat more of any food if they have a larger quantity. They tested this in many, many ways and it was always true.

For example during a movie the people who were given larger bags of popcorn always ate more than the group with the smaller bags. They repeated the experiment with M&M as well.

They also tested this at a buffet and discovered that the calorie intake of each person increased linearly with the number of foods on the table.


So what can we learn of this research? I believe there are two lessons here: 

  1. Don’t cook more tasty food than you intend to eat.

The reason of this is obvious: If you have more of it, you’ll proberly serve yourself more than planned or you’ll eat a few extra bites afterwards. And even if you do resist and eat only as much as you need, it will still create mental stress.

because you’ll constantly think about food. This happened to me when making a pizza. I said i was going to make a large pizza and only eat two slices that evening. Yeah right…i failed to stop after two slices.

If you know you tend to go back for a second or thirds when eating tasty food, Then i’d recommend you only cook as much food as you need


2.  When eating sweets, buy only as much as you intend to eat (Don’t bring snacks inside  the house)

research showed that people who regularly keep snacks inside the kitchen weigh on a average 5-10 pounds more than those who don’t. This is because the easier it is for us to get some tasty snacks, the more difficult it is to resist.

This was the reason companies have developed ice-cream freezers that have no lid. People buy more because there is one less barrier to crabbing, buying and eating ice-cream. Ans one less barrier to keep us from taking to decide whether we really want ice-cream or not.

So the harder it is to get a snack, the less likely we are to do it. You should not leave food out where you can easily take it because you will. I’ve learned this lesson on my myself before i read mindless eating.

I realized that i Always ate to much ice cream if i bought a big box and put it in the fridge. Now when i want ice-cream i go to the store and buy just one cone the amount i need.


tip 6# eat from smaller plates.

weight loss








This is another cool tip from Mindless Eating. The same quantity  of food looks different on two plates of different sizes

”If you spoon ounces of mashed potatoes into a 12-inch plate, it will look like a lot less than if you had spooned it into a 8-inch plate”

Now the interesting fact is that research shows the same quantity of food is more filling when it looks like more.

”If you take a medium size burger hamburger and serve it to a person on a saucer, they estimate it as having 18 procent more calories than if you serve it to them on a normal size plate”

The feeling of satiety is also influenced by how many calories we think we’ve eaten. In another study two groups of people were served the same 300kcal meal but one group was told it had 450kcal and the other was told it had 150kcal. The people who tought they ate 450kcal reported a much higher feeling of satiety than the other group.

After i read that i realized how easy it is to fool ourselves into thinking we’re eating more than we do.




Check out how different two similar size apples look on them. I must say it sure feels like i ate a lot more when i use the smaller plate instead of the big one.


Tip 7# Eat slower.

We al know that eating slowly reduces the amount of calories we eat and increase the feeling satiety.

But most of us don’t do it because it sucks to consciously restrian ourselves for eating big bites. There is one solution for this though: use smaller spoons forks.

This way you’ll be forced to eat slower and you’ll feel more satisfied at the end of the meal.


What defines the perfect male body according to research.

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The perfect shaped body.

This is a question artists have been asking for 1000 of years. If you were a sculptor or painter and you could create the perfect male body, how would you make him look like in real life?perfect male

I read a book recently called The Adonis Index and the author has come up with an important answer to my question.

He spent several years researching what type of male body is considered most


attractive and what he discovered made a lot of sense to me:

the proportions of the body were much more important than the size or lenght. If a men thinks of why you find a woman attractive. It’s certainly not because of her lenght i assure you, there are short and tall girls who all look very attractive.

It’s not because of her weight either as you’ll see very beautiful skinny girls and curvy girls. The proportions are what makes the difference. Here is what the author found in his research.



For a woman.

the most importent proportion The perfect woman bodyfor attraction seems to be the ratio between the waist and hips.

This gives them the famous hourglass shape that men love. This can only be achieved by keeping the waist small.

And by building muscle in the legs. Like the glutes and hamstrings.






For men.

For men, the most important proportion is that between the shoulders and waist. A near universal sexually attractive feature of a man is a
V shaped torso, a relatively narrow waist offset with broad shoulders.perfect male body

This can only be achieved by training the back muscles properly especially the lats.

But the shoulders and upper chest as well, to get that aesthetic physique.







Studie research on the ideal physique.

In several studies on physical attraction, women reported that
the most attractive male physique was one with a slim waist, broad
shoulders and muscular chest.

What the researchers found was that the absolute size of the shoulders, chest or waist did not matter as long as certain ratios were there. The ratios that got the highest score for physical attraction were:

  • Waist  43-47% of height
  • Chest 10-12 inch (25-30cm) greater than the waist
  • Shoulders waist x 1.6
  • Arms identical size of the neck circumferencesixpack



For example a 6’2 man would ideally have a 31.5 inch waist, 52 inch shoulders, 43.5 inch chest, and 16 inch arms. For metric system: 188cm height, 81cm waist, 131cm shoulders, 110cm chest,

40cm arms. According to the theory, the closer a man comes to these proportions, the more attractive he becomes.

For this ratio or one close to it as possible, a man has to be at a low bodyfat percentage so his waist looks slimmer. And have great muscle development so his shoulders and back looks wider. Here are a few examples.

Best physique for men


What is needed to achieve this.

So two ingredients are necessary to get a body like the ones above:

Ingrediënt one

The waist circumference of the guys above is probably 43-45% of their height.

ingrediënt two

To get broad shoulders and a wide back a man has to gain a good amount of muscle mass.

                                     put them together..

By combining these three two ingrediënts you will get the perfect male body my friend.


What you need to do.


The first priority is setting your diet correctly. If you are fat you must eat fewer calories than your body requires over the period of the day consistently.

If you are skinny, you must take more calories than your body is used to. So you can  gain more muscle for weight loss

Also, in order to support muscle growth, hormonal balance, and gym

performance you have to take in the right quantity of macronutrients, fat protein and carbs.



protocol With a caloric deficit is about 20 30%. You will be able to lose 2 or 3 pounds (0.9

1.4kg) of fat per week at the beginning phase of the dieting  and then about 1 1.5 lbs (0.4 0.7kg) per week.

This provides you to make strength gains in the gym, muscle growth will occur during this time but your weight will still go down fast.


Gaining muscle while losing fat comes down to making strength gains on a few importent key movements. What’s great about the beginner stage is that strength will go up consistent even while cutting.

For complete newbies I recommend following a higher frequency routine
focused on progressive overload with just a handful of compound movements.perfect male body

A full body workout three times a week or an A/B split three times a week

allow beginners to practice form a lot and get through the initial neural adaptations quicker.



In the beginning the vast majority of the initial gains one makes in strength are neurological in nature so it makes sense to want to get

passed this stage as quickly as possible and get to the point where muscle fibers have to increase in size to contribute to strength.

And you will get a step closer to get that perfect male body.


Free workout schedule (BONUS).


If you don’t have a training schedule. Here is one for free that you can use, it is just as effective as one you would pay for. Try this workout out and see the results for your self 😉

Workout A                                                                         

                                 sets                 reps                                                                      

Weighted pull up:  3                      4-6

bench press:           3                     4-6

barbell row:            3                      6-8

romian deadlifts:   2                      6-10

tricep extension:   3                      6-10


Workout B                              

                                  sets                        reps

militair press:         3                              4-6

barbell squat:        3                               4-6

weighted dips:      3                               6-8

deadlift:                 2                               6-10

barbell curl:          3                               6-10








In this schedule you have A and a B workout for example. The first week you start with workout A on Monday and on Wednesday workout B on Friday workout A again. The next week you alternate it (B, A, B).


Frequently asked questions about the workout schedule.


How many times should i workout ?

i recommend 3 times per week if you are just a newbie. More then 4 times a week is over kill en not necessary.


i can’t do pull ups or dips because i am to heavy ?

i recommend that you use resistants bands to do pull ups, or just use the machines if you have one available in your gym.

On the meantime you can lose weight, if you don’t know how to do that. Read my new artical about losing that belly fat.


I don’t know how to performe the exercises.

On YouTube there are plenty enough  tortorial video’s.


I don’t have dip belt.

if you don’t have a dip belt, you can buy the one i recommend. Read my full review on the kinobody dip belt to get that perfect male body by clicking here ==►KinoBody dip belt review.