The kinobody belt a useful piece of the best gym gear for a godlike physique. (My review)

Kinobody has one of the best belt on the market. A KinoBelt – Best In Class Dip Belt is one of the best designed dipbelt in my opinion.

it was design with you in mind to give you that durable and comfortable feel even during heavier weight lifting.


  • It’s designed for full body excercises such as the weighted dip and weighted pull up. And even body weight squats on boxes.

What makes the kinobody belt so good?

What makes this belt the best in the dip in the industry is it’s specific key features. It has an Easy to use and variable front hooking rings with a military- grade carabiner clip for better weight attachment.

Built with you in mind, Kinobody uses top quality materials for a Comfortable:

  • durable and safe fit even when excess weight is concern.
  • The Belt also comes with an adjustable strap for hanging the weight perfectly to your taste so you can focus on your weight lifts rather than trying to keep the belt in place.
  • It even has a special bag for your phone so you can listen to music while you are training.

This is just an ideal tool for your pull-ups and dips.
Also, in building an incredible physique, you need to be powerful and with a belt that can withstand a lot of weight due to it’s:pull up belt

  1. durable
  2. long lasting
  3. lightweight material,







It is obvious this belt exceeds at helping you do your lift ups.If you are searching for a bare minimum solution for your lifts than this belt is not for you,

but if you want truly an awesome weightlifting experience that enables you to build strong powerful muscle as safely and quickly as possible,

Than The Kino Belt is ideal for you!

Why weightlifters would want kinobody weight belt?

After realizing that other weight belts are made of low quality materials, making them uncomfortable to do the bare minimum short cheap chain which grind against you, and can put your manhood at risk.

And with difficult attachment points that leave you unbalanced which can put your body at risk of an injury during an exercise and can damage your schirt, or most importantly, the majority of belts on the markets today cannot withstand a lot of weight.

Make a right choice and go for what is ideal  to go in for months of research and follow up to come out with the top of the art weight belt:

dip belt with chain

This belt is also good because it can hold up to 800 Ibs and its extremely lightweight and durable material with the confidence that what you buy will last for a very long period of time.

-The Kino Belt uses military grade nylon material to safely, and securely hang weight to your desired preference.

Plus a front locking waist clip for safe and comfortable fit to mitigate injury so as to give you the most bodybuilding friendly experience you could ever imagine, even at immense weights lifts.

-The padded support and front clip provides a balanced weight distribution and gives you a secure support throughout your entire exercise.

Who can use the kinobody belt ?

This belt is suitable for anybody interested in building muscle or weight lifting. Best for pull-ups and dips and can hold upward of 800 Ibs.

This belt has already been used by thousand plus muscle builders in the world today and still counting. To Conclude, Whenever you are going in for a weight belt, go for those with qualities such as:

  • A weight belt that can supports an upward weight of about 800Ibs
  • A weight belt that fits all sizes and suitable for any experience level
  • Plus front locking waist clip for safety and comfort.
  • Above all long lasting.

Best of all: your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed !

The kinobody dipbelt is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

The only way they’re able to offer a guaranteed product like this is because it works as Kinobody dip belt 100% satisfaction guaranteepromised.

Get the kinobody dip belt with a 90 days of warranty 100% guaranteed here..

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Frequently asked Questions..

Can you use a dumbell instead of plates with this belt ?

yes, the belt has a strap with a buckle. If you wrap it around the handle of the dumbell you could use it effectively.

I have a size 28 waist will it fit ? 

Yes, perfectly. I  have a size 31 waist and I have to loosen up the clips a bit to be able to close the belt tight around me, so size 28 and even less sizes are perfectly to go.

What if i’m very heavy ?

I recommend you to lose weight and do body weight pull ups or dips first. If you can do more than 10 reps you can buy the dip belt.

What is the weight of this belt ?

It’s about 1.6 lbs (25 oz) or 0.71 kilogram.

Q: Where to buy the kinobody belt ?

A: You can get it through this link ==► Kinobody dip belt

Is the kinobody dip belt worth it ?

Answer: Yes, absolutely!

Bottom line..

I would like to ask you this question: Who else in the weight belt industry gives you such a quality piece of art for that low price plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

If you are a serious lifter that wants to built a great physique.

It is up to you to get the product now and decide, instead of just reading my review or what I tell you;  JUST EXPERIENCE IT.


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Good Luck and keep making gains.

-Alex O’Neill